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Accreditation Info

If any provider is interested in National Accreditation, go to www.nafcc.org and select the Accreditation link at the top of the page. Information is readily available.

If a PPRFCCA member is in the National Accreditation process or has just completed it and would like information on financial assistance, the association may be able to help. Look into the  PPRFCCA Accreditation Grant Application  

A PPRFCCA member shares her experience in earning her National Accreditation:

"After 20 years in child care, my career had reached a crossroads. Much needed inspiration came when I was accepted into the Accreditation Facilitation Project. This program provided a helping hand for providers seeking accreditation through the National Association of Family Child Care by guiding them through every step of the process. At first glance the self-study program is a bit overwhelming. The Project made it easier for someone like me who lacked motivation. The trainings were exhilarating, and comparable to a breath of fresh air. Each class had its own rewards, such as really great food, freebies to assist us run a quality program, free training and networking. In hind sight it was a gratifying experience and once I got out of my own way, stepped out of my comfort zone, things began to happen. A mentor assisted me in building the type of quality program I desired. Improvements were made to health and safety, contracts, learning environments, daily schedule and interaction with my children and families. Upon completing the training, I sent in the required documentation, received my observation visit and was granted accreditation. Receiving accreditation gave me the validation I needed and set me on a new path. I completed Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care courses and enrolled in Pikes Peak Community College Early Childhood Education courses and joined the Family Child Care Quality Improvement Plan with Child Care Connections. I am also preparing for my first Qualistar Rating this June. Working with the facilitation project also brought to mind that more may seek accreditation if grants were available to help defray costs--and the NAFCC Accreditation Grant sponsored by PPRFCCA came to life with the help of the Board of Directors. Accreditation is a journey that never ends as you strive for higher and higher standards. Rewards came for me in the way of a renewed sense of competence of my skill and effectiveness of my program and environment. But the real rewards are watching the children thrive and hearing their families tell you how proud they are and blessed they feel to have you as their provider."