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    It Is The Responsibility of Each Parent  to interview each provider, seek individual references and visit each licensed child care home they see as a possible opportunity of care for their child. The Pikes Peak Region Family Child Care Association only offers referrals and can not take responsibility for the choices every parent makes. The Pikes Peak Region Family Child Care Association will not be held liable in providing any information. Below are some possible questions a parent may ask of a provider. These are only suggestions. There may be other questions a parent may need to ask concerning the care to be given their child.

    When selecting care for your child, consider the future as well as the present. Staying with a consistent caregiver keeps a child feeling secure and happy. You may want to take into consideration the age of your child as well as when and where your child will  eventually attend school. A provider close to your home, en-route to your place of employment, or close to the school they will attend may be an option for the opportunity of a long-term commitment.

Sample Interview Questions

     How long have you been a provider? Why did you choose this profession? Are you licensed through the state? May I see your license? How long do you plan on being a child care provider?

What are the hours of your business?  

How many hours of training did you take this past year? When did you last take CPR and First Aid training?

How many children are in your care? What are their ages?

How do you run your typical day? What activities do you do with the children? How much free play time do they get?  What kind of toys do they play with? Where do they play?

Do you allow children to bring toys from home?

Where do the children sleep/have quiet time? Do I have to provide a portable crib for my baby? If you provide the bed for my baby, does anyone else sleep in it at another time? Do the older children have their own mat/pillow/blanket or do I provide those?

What is your discipline/guidance policy?

What are your policies concerning emergency situations?

What is your potty training policy?

Do you celebrate holidays/birthdays? Am I expected to bring anything extra for those occasions?

Do I provide the food/formula/diapers for my baby? If so, how much of a supply would you like?

What is your meal schedule? Do you belong to a USDA Food Assistance Program? Do you allow the children to bring food/snacks from home to share?

What is your policy concerning illness? Can I bring my child if he is sick? What are your expectations if he gets sick in your care? What if my child has allergies?

Do you give over-the-counter or prescription medications? What kind of paperwork do I need to fill out concerning medications?

Do you supply sunscreen for my child or should I bring some? Should I apply it before I bring my child in the morning?

Do you go on field trips, and do you charge any extra fees? Do you take walks, go to the park, etc? Will you be taking my child in your vehicle at any time?

Do you take time off? Do I pay for that time if my child is not in your care? Do you provide a substitute or is that my responsibility? Will I be informed prior to a substitute coming in your absence?

When do you expect to be paid (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)? Do you charge late fees if I do not pay you on time? Is there a registration fee?

If something prevents me from picking my child up on time, do you charge overtime? May I authorize someone other than myself to pick up my child?

How long will you hold a slot for my child? Do I pay a fee for that?

What kind of paperwork do I need to fill out before my child comes to your home? When do I need to return it?

Do you allow an initial trial period? How long?

What is your policy should I need to terminate your services?