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This page is designed for you, the provider. We all can use hints, reminders, suggestions, etc. to help us in our day to day business of being a Licensed Family Child Care Provider. We hope you find this page useful. If you have any comments or recommendations, please contact  PPRFCCA Info.


How many times have you thought an interview went well only to not receive a call back? 'Perhaps I didn't explain my philosophy well enough. Maybe I didn't answer the parents' questions completely.' The following are ideas for pre-admission interviews, which the Colorado Licensing Rules & Regulations state we must arrange (7.707.5 A). These are only suggestions as there may be more items necessary for discussion.

Most people we speak with on a daily basis know we care for children. They expect and understand situations that may occur during a phone conversation with us. We may think a parent calling about child care would naturally understand, as well. But do they? Consider these:

•When you received the first phone call, did you answer abruptly? Was there an unhappy child crying in the background?

•If so, did you stay on the phone or ask to return the call later? Most parents will understand and expect you to take care of that situation with a crying child rather than talk with them. They may be viewing your decision on handling the situation as a pre-interview observation.  

•Better yet, let your answering machine do it's job. You can avoid the whole explanation scenario and not worry how or if your explanation is really being understood.

•If you choose to answer the phone, get contact info ASAP so if you have to cut the call shorter than you would like, you already have the call back number.

When you interview in your home, begin by explaining your typical day. Remember this interview is not only about parents asking you questions. It is not only about hours and wages. You need to find out about this family you are inviting into your home. The parents' answers and reactions to your questions will give you insight on who they are, and will help you understand what kind of relationship you will be building with them. Consider these questions:  (Depending on the age of the child, some questions may not apply.)

•What are your expectations of family child care?

•What are your feelings about being a working parent?

•Have you ever left your child for any length of time? How did your child react?

•When did your child reach developmental milestones? grasping for things? crawling? walking? first words?

•What is your daily routine? Bedtime routine?

•How would you describe your child's basic personality/characteristics?

•What is your discipline/guidance routine? What is most successful?

•How does your child feel about seeking a new child care setting?

There are interview questions on the parent page which may be helpful to you in this process.