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For free Child Care Referrals to licensed family child care homes in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, call 475-8828.

Who is the Licensed Family Child Care Provider?   

Licensed Family Child Care is far beyond academics: it is an all-about-life learning experience in the home environment that, hopefully and healthfully, models what the child may re-create as a young adult.

What does Licensed Family Child Care offer you and your child?

All Licensed Family Child Care Providers display their license, declaring the home's capacity with the current hologram, along with the current licensing inspection report.

How is the Licensed Family Child Care Provider Trained?

Information links to help parents make the best choices for their child:    

It is illegal in the State of Colorado to care for children from more than 1 family without a child care license. To view records of any child care facility or home, contact the Colorado Department of Human Resources in Denver at 1-800-779-5876, or click here and follow the instructions. If you find someone who has a child care business in their home without having a child care license, please call 574-9363, locally or  1-800-799-5876 in Denver. This number can also be called if there are concerns about child abuse or neglect in a licensed home or child care center.