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PPRFCCA Members:  Please keep your referral coordinator informed of any openings you may have, including any changes in your program, (i.e.: pets, transportation, before school care, night care, 24 hour care, etc). When parents call, we like to give them the most current information we can. Parents also get our referral number from this website as well as other internet sources.

As many of you know, the colored immunization cards have been discontinued. We must now download forms from the Colorado Dept. of Public Health website.

Click here  to get started.

To register or log in to the Colorado Shines website, click here. Providers can personalize their program information, hours of operation and other options. A link to the PDIS website is located on the training page.

The General Rules of Child Care Facilities & Rules Regulating Family Child Care Homes, (updated 9/30/2016), are on the Secretary of State’s website. To read or download click here.  Once on the page, look for ‘current version’ and click on it. The Colorado Office of Early Learning has created an Administrative Guide to Child Care Rules. It is 75 pages of great information. For a copy, click here.  

To download Appeal/Waiver paperwork, go to the Provider Rights link, located at the left. The link is in the box on that page.

Childcare licensing now requires online injury reports. Click here for information.

To see a copy of a provider’s licensing record with the Colorado Child Care Licensing Division, click here and follow the directions. This is the same information parents would see.

Visit CDPHE for a list of approved disinfectants for child care facilities as well as current information on using bleach.

Parents with children in your care who have questions concerning their child’s development, can contact the Resource Exchange (for children up to 36 months of age) at 719-380-1100. For children over 3 years old, parents need to contact Child Find through their school district. Click here for a list of contact numbers.

For information concerning the Americans With Disabilities Act and your responsibilities as a childcare provider, go to www.adainformation.org/ChildCare. You will find common questions & answers, resources, educational materials and coloring pages for your children.

Below are links created to help providers in their business


Mentoring Corner

Provider Rights

Rules & Regulations

CCCAP Answers

Accreditation Info